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The Free Emulator Wiki was created so the emulator community can have organized compatibility lists of some of your favorite emulators that don't currently have such wikis. To kick things off, we'll first be creating one for the awesome PPSSPP emulator. I am trying to structure this Wiki similar to how Dolphin and PCSX2 teams have created their compatibility wikis--big props to them for creating and maintaining awesome wikis. After I am satisfied with the PPSSPP compatibility list's coding, I'll begin expanding this Wiki and adding more emulator pages, such as Mupen64Plus AE, Cemu, Citra, Reicast, etc. Feel free to help contribute with your findings while testing out these awesome emulators!

Help Needed

06/28/2016: We need a lot of data entry help to get all info added for the individual PSP game pages. If you would like to contribute, see the Wiki's Help Needed page to see the specifics. Once all the data has been added for the PSP games, we'll begin creating other emulator compatibility lists.

This page will be regularly updated with a checklist of what has been done and what still needs to be implemented, so check it often.

Compatibility Lists

10/05/2016: We have decided to start up a basic Citra compatibility list page. We're just focusing on adding game titles and compatibility stars for now--we'll get to adding individual pages for games at a later date.

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